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Real Estate SavingsBest Home Search – Here is our list of the 12 Best Home Search Websites for Consumer Savings. Our system invites and features the highly rated Realtors associated with the Best Home Buying Websites and the best websites offering real Home Seller Savings. As you can see above, we offer easy access to Hyperlocal Home Search, New Home Search, and other Real Estate Search option for your Hometown or your Destination City. 

find your RealtorHighly Qualified Realtors:  At Best Home Search we accept only highly rated Real Estate Brokers and other top Realtors with at least  a 4.7-Star average rating.  We seek out and invite Accredited Buyer Representatives (ABR), Certified Residential Specialists (CRS), and/or Graduates of REALTOR® Institute (GRI) in our Nationwide Network. Plus, Best Home Search takes the time necessary to match Realtors that specialize in the Consumer specific area or areas of interest.

enjoy great savingsReal Estate Savings: merged with The Real Estate Savings Center Network in 2022.  Unlike other Nationwide Real Estate Networks, Best Home Search now offers Realtors Exclusive Area Website Marketing at Little or No Cost. For this reason, our Network Realtors can typically offer Real Estate Consumers greater Real Estate Savings in the form of Home Buyer Rebates and/or More Profitable Home Selling.

Real Estate Service ProvidersReal Estate Resources: Our Nationwide Network also features highly rated Real Estate Service Providers throughout the USA.  We ask our Network Realtors to refer the Service Providers they believe offer Real Estate Consumers the very best Values.  Real Estate Service Providers include Mortgage Lenders, Home Inspectors, Closing Service Providers, and Homeowner Services such as Home Insurance, Home Security, and Home Improvement Companies.

HOME BUYER BENEFITSThere have been a number of Independent Surveys that compare the benefits of using the services of real estate Buyers Brokers or Buyer’s Agents vs. the Traditional real estate sales agents. Here are some Highlights. The major benefit typically is having the Professional Representation of a highly qualified Buyer’s Broker or an Accredited Buyer Representative working as your personal Real Estate Advocate. Hyperlocal Home Search makes it easier for Home Buyers to locate the best Realtors that specialize in the specific areas of interest in their Home Buyer’s hometown or destination city. 

HOME SELLER SOLUTIONS:  While Real Estate Agent Commissions are said to be negotiable, most of the Realtors at Best Home Search Network are even more consumer friendly. They likely work at Real Estate Brokerages that have business models that advertise the best MLS Listing Values in their local areas.   According to Bankrate and others in the know, the national average commission rate has been dropping since the early 1990’s and is now around 5.0%.  To get to this average some MLS Listing fees can be 3.0% to 4.0% depending on the type of Service Plan the Home Seller selects. In some areas, Home Sellers can choose from “Full Service for Less”, “Fee-for-Service”, and/or “Flat Fee MLS” Listing. Marketing, and Selling Plans.     

ALONG CAME THE INTERNET TO CHANGE ONLINE LISTINGS – Technologies made it easy to display and promote hundreds of thousands of Full Color MLS Listings. Listings were updated daily. As a result, it was easy to schedule showings and visit many homes in a day or weekend.

REAL ESTATE SEARCH IN 2020 – The COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 obviously caused great safety concerns throughout the Real Estate Industry. Consequently the “showings” for Homes required Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer and even Disposable Gloves. As a result, Buyers and Sellers began relying more heavily on Virtual Tours and Drone Videos to view and make home buying decisions. Because of this, Professional Photography and Drone Videos have become and even greater Home Search requirement for Realtors. 

THE NEW WORLD OF REAL ESTATE – Going, Going, Gone are the days when Home Buyers had to visit 20-30 properties to find the right home. Welcome to the days of Hyperlocal Home Search, 3D  Virtual Home Tours, and Aerial Photography. However with today’s challenging market conditions, you need a lot more than great technologies. Today most consumers need Realtors offering Savings in the form of Real Estate Rebates and/or MLS Listing Savings. For this reason, we present – the Homes, the Services, and the Savings You Seek. 

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