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best home searchBEST HOME SEARCH: Going, Going, Gone are the days when Home Buyers had to walk through 20-30 properties to find the right one for their family. Welcome to days of Hyperlocal Home Search, 3D Home Walkthroughs, Virtual Neighborhood Tours, and Aerial Photography. Best Home Search saves you time locating the best Homes in the Best Neighborhoods for your lifestyle. You enjoy easy access to more than 500 MLS Association areas and over 12,000 New Home Communities. 

home buyer rebatesREAL ESTATE RESOURCES:   The BestHomeSearch.com Network features some of the Best Real Estate Service Providers in the USA. Our Network REALTORS® are Accredited Buyer Representatives, Certified Residential Specialists, ePRO Real Estate Professionals, and/or Graduates of REALTOR® Institute. Plus you can also find highly-rated Mortgage Lenders, Home Inspectors, Closing Service Providers, and other Real Estate Experts on our Real Estate Resources and Savings Center pages.  

Real Estate SavingsREAL ESTATE SAVINGS: All Best Home Search Network Realtors offer Excellent Value. Some are the Brokers or Owners of Real Estate Companies with Non-Traditional business models.  Best Home Search charges Realtors Little or No Marketing Fees and No Referral Fees. This way they can afford to provide you with more than other Networks that offer savings in the form of Home Buyer Rebates and/or MLS Listing Savings for Home Sellers.  

real estate rebatesARE YOU A QUALIFIED REALTOR® or REAL ESTATE SERVICE PROVIDER? Best Home Search builds, optimizes, markets, and maintains Exclusive County Landing Pages to promote qualified Realtors and other Real Estate Service Providers. If you are interested in Website Marketing and Prospect Referrals at Little or No Cost, you can get details on the Tabs at the top of this page.  We also offer Realtors a 10-Day Free Trial of the award-winning AgentFire Website System. Plus we offer a 10-Day Free Trial of the highly rated Showcase IDX Platform.

YESTERDAY’S BEST HOME SEARCH – Before the mid-nineties, the best way for consumers to view homes was to visit a Realtor’s office. Consumers could ask to see a copy of the “The Big Book” of MLS Listings. The Book was typically updated with new listings every 7 to 14 days. These books of Black and White photos were in very limited supply. Therefore it was a big deal if a consumer could keep the Book overnight.

ALONG CAME THE INTERNET & ONLINE LISTINGS – Technologies made it easy to display and promote hundreds of thousands of Full Color MLS Listings. Listings were updated daily. As a result, it was easy to schedule showings and visit many homes in a day or weekend.

REAL ESTATE SEARCH IN 2020 – The COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 obviously caused great safety concerns throughout the Real Estate Industry. Therefore the “showing” of Homes required Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer and even Disposable Gloves. As a result, Buyers and Sellers began relying more heavily on Virtual Tours and Drone Videos to view and make home buying decisions. Because of this, Professional Photography and Drone Videos have become and even greater Home Search requirement for Realtors. 

THE NEW WORLD OF REAL ESTATE – Today, the trend of using the newest real estate technologies and the Internet for viewing, buying, and selling homes continues with Hyperlocal Home Search. However, the pursuit of MLS Listings and New Home Construction has lost some if its popularity because of high cost of building materials. Plus, as interest rates rise, and inventory remains low demand for homes has slowed, it remains to be seen to what degree new and resale home prices will drop. But it has started and BestHomeSearch.com intends to be here to help save Consumers and Realtors Time, Effort, and Money in the more competitive real estate marketplace.