The Alabama Home Search & Real Estate Savings Network.
It can also link you to Agents offering Alabama Realtors offer you “Full Service for Less” MLS Listing Solutions.  Our system is designed to help ensure you get the Very Best deal when buying or selling your Alabama Home or other AL real estate.

Alabama Home Search Realtors – Real Estate Brokers and Agent pay little or no fees to be a Network Member. Therefore, they can afford to be most generous when it comes providing Full Service for Less” real estate solutions. Alabama MLS Home Listing, Marketing, and Selling Realtors can help you keep more of your equity at closing.

Alabama Real Estate Rebates – The price you pay for the property you buy typically includes both the Seller’s Agent Fee and your Realtor’s commission. Unfortunately, Alabama is one of the Ten States that doesn’t allow real estate rebates. However Alabama MLS Search can put you in touch with “Full Service for Less” Realtors.

Alabama law requires real estate brokers to perform a host of services for consumers. Accepting and presenting offers and counteroffers;  Answering their clients’ questions in regard to a transaction involving an agreement to list an owner’s property for sale. Brokers must perform these services whether consumers want them or not. Brokers cannot offer and consumers cannot purchase MLS-listing-only and other à la carte services.

Alabama law also prohibits brokers from offering consumers rebates. In practice, the Alabama Real Estate Commission permits rebates before closing but forbids cash payments or other incentives offered after closing.

If you are an Realtors with an Home Search website, we can offer you Exclusive City Marketing on Best Home Search.

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