Home ValuationMany Real Estate Websites provide a Link to a Free Home Valuation. The Real Estate Savings Center provides you with Two for a better estimate of True Value.

Here is you first complimentary Home Value Estimate Tool:


Next, here is another Home Valuation Estimate Tool for comparison purposes:

Click Here to compare Your 2nd Home Valuation Estimate. It is said to be more accurate than Zillow’s “Zestimate”. In September 2020, Zillow showed their “Zestimates” to be within 5% of the actual sales price an average of only 83.7% of the time. That equates to being off by about a $5700 on a $350,000 property or about $9700 on a $600,000 purchase. 

Of Course, for the Most Accurate Valuation, you should request a Certified Residential Appraisal. It will give your property credits for such things as Views, Upgrades, and Overall Condition compared to recent Neighborhood Sales.