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Real Estate Buyers Agent
Home Buyer Benefits are typically the greatest when you have a Certified Buyer’s Agent or an Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) working as your Real Estate Advocate. At Best Home Search, we seek out and promote such Buyer Brokers and Buyer Agents for our Nationwide Network. 

 Professional Representation The price you pay for the MLS Listing or the New Home home choose typically a commission built in by the Seller for the Buyer’s Realtor. Therefore, it costs you no more to have a Buyer’s Broker working for you and protecting your best interests.  Additionally, some of the Realtors at the Best Home Search Network offer Home Buyer Rebates and/or Home Seller MLS Listing Savings.  READ MORE

Substantial Savings – As a potential home buyer, you should be aware that some Buyer Brokers and Buyer Agents at Best Home Search may offer Substantial Savings above and beyond what is normal when representing your best interests:

  • Home Buyer Rebates, aka Agent Commission Splits A Home Buyer Rebate is savings for you in additional to whatever your Broker can help you negotiate. Plus if you are purchasing a new home, your share of the Broker’s Commission is in addition to whatever Home Builder Incentives or Promotions or Promotions the new home builder may be offering. 
  • Best Home Search seeks out highly-rated Realtors and some do provide Home Buyer Rebates. Why wouldn’t you want a Home Buyer Rebate from a your Buyer’s Broker as additional Savings at closing? 
  • Real Estate Rebates are legal in at least 40-states and DC.  Real Estate Rebates are have restrictions in Iowa and New Jersey, and currently not legal or available in Alaska, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Oregon, & Tennessee).
  • Importantly, the IRS considers such Rebates and Agent Commission Splits to be adjustments to the purchase price and therefore non-taxable income to you as the Buyer. (The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC is not a Tax Adviser so it is best for you to check with your CPA or a qualified Tax Attorney about Home Buyer Rebates in the 40-states where they are legal).
  • Home Seller Solutions – Through BestHomeSearch.com, you may also find top Realtors that offer time and money savings alternatives to the old, traditional “one-fee-fits-all” home listing and selling system. READ MORE