The Real Estate Solutions Center Network Affiliate Program

MLS Listing SavingsReal Estate Consumers, REALTORS®, and other qualified Real Estate Service Providers are invited to earn Ongoing Income as a Network Affiliate. We pay all Network Affiliate 30% of any Marketing Revenues generated in Cities nationwide.

When you Sign Up on the Short and Secure Form below, you will receive the option to download a free Network Affiliate Link.

1. You can place either a Text or Graphic Affiliate Link on your Website, Blog, or Social media Page.

2. When any qualified Real Estate Service Provider uses your Link to Sign Up for Exclusive Website Showcase Marketing on any Best Home Search & Solution Centers in the United States, you get paid.

3. Qualified Real Estate Service Providers include Mortgage Lenders, Home Inspectors, Closing Service providers, and others your might recommend.

4. You receive this Ongoing Income for as long as you and they remain Network members.

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