New Home Builder IncentivesMost Major Home Builders spend a lot of time and money developing New Home Builder Incentives. In Buyer’s Markets and Seller’s Markets many of the New Home Builders compete by offering Free Upgrades, Buyer Cash Awards for Upgrades, Paid Closing Costs for Buyers, Special Mortgage Financing, and/or other New Home Buyer Incentives.

Even though the price you pay for the New Home you choose typically includes the Buyer’s Agent MLS Commission Fee, you will not be offered a portion of the MLS Fee unless you are a Licensed Real Estate Agent. If you are not working with a Realtor, the Builder will keep the MLS Commission offered in the MLS. Plus the price of your home will stay the same. 

In addition to any Incentives being offered by your Home Builder of choice, our Realtors at Best Home Search and The Real Estate Savings Center provide New Home Rebates of at least 25% and up to 75% of their MLS Commission. As examples:

  • If you purchase a New Home for $450,000 and your Realtor receives a 3% Commission and rebates you 25%.  Your Cash Back Credit at Closing would be $3,375
  • If you purchase the same home and you Realtor receives a 3% commission and rebates you 75%. Your Cash Back Credit at Closing would be $10,125.

Since our Network Realtors pay little or No Marketing Fees and No Referral Fees, they can afford to provide you with the greatest new Home Rebates in the 40-US States where they are legal. (Currently Rebates are Not Available in AK, AL, IA, KS, LA, MS, MO, OK, OR, TN).

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