New Home Community Search & Home Buyer Rebates

Take the 4 Steps below to locate Your New Home and enjoy Great Savings at Closing

1. FIND YOUR NEW HOME COMMUNITY: offers a number of ways to find Homes for Sale including the New Home Source widget above. This New Home Source Search Widget is the very best way to locate the most New Home Communities and New Home Builders in your Hometown or your Destination City: 

2. CONTACT US FOR A TOP REALTOR OFFERING A GREAT HOME BUYER REBATE: Our Nationwide Network of Highly Qualified REALTORS® can work as your Real Estate Advocate to represent your best interests while helping you get the best deal on the property of your choice. Many of them offer New Home Rebates of 20% to 75% in the 40-States and DC where they are legal. Real Estate Rebates are currently legal in all States except AK, AL, IA, KS, LA, MO, MS, OK, OR, or TN.

3. VISIT ANY NEW HOME COMMUNITIES WITH OR WITHOUT ONE OF OUR REALTORS: All you need to do with most New Home Builders is Register your Realtor’s name with the Builder’s Sales Agent when visiting. This can ensure your Realtor gets a commission then they can share it with you as their client. 

4. GET A GREAT NEW HOME REBATE AT CLOSING: Most Realtors in our Nationwide Network offer Home Buyer Rebates of at least 20% and up to to 75% on New Homes. For example on a Home Purchase of $450,000 with a typical 3% MLS Commission paid by the Builder to your Realtor is a lot of money to you: A 50% Home Buyer Rebate would equate to $6,750 more money in your pocket at closing. 

You can it a Home Buyer Rebate, an Agent Commission Split, or a Cash Back Credit. It is not a “kickback” and it is in addition to any Allowances or Incentives being offered by the New Home Builder. Importantly, the IRS has stated that such Home Buyer Rebates are adjustments to the cost of the home and therefore non-taxable to you as a Buyer. 

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.  Thank you!

New Home Buyer Rebate