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Exclusive Realtor Network Memberships are currently available in many areas of the United States.
As a Real Estate Company Owner and Broker for more than 20-years, as well as the developer of several Real Estate Marketing and Referral Networks, here are a few things I am currently sharing with other Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Team Leaders. 

Our Realtor Network is now inviting Independent Real Estate Brokers in more than 100 U.S. Metro areas to reserve Countywide Website Marketing & Prospect Referrals at little or no cost. has joined The Real Estate Savings Center to build optimize, market, and maintain Home Search & Savings Center Landing Pages for Brokers, Buyer Agents, and Home Selling Specialists nationwide. Network Memberships are available on a first reserved basis as follows:


As a qualified Real Estate Broker or qualified Realtor, you can reserve Exclusive Website Marketing & Prospect Referrals through BOTH and The Real Estate Savings Center at

  • Little Cost: Our Realtor Network includes 3 Exclusive Realtor Marketing & Referral Categories (Broker, Buyer’s Agent or Seller’s Agent). One Category can be reserved for a $10/monthly marketing fee, Two Exclusive Categories for $15/month, or all Three Realtor Categories for $20/monthly. You can cancel at anytime.
  • No Cost: As a Network Realtor, you have the option to offset your monthly marketing fee and make a nice profit. We provide all Members with a free Network Affiliate Sign Up Link for their Websites or Blogs. 
  • You Can Earn Ongoing Income –  CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS.

We are now also opening the Referral Network for SC Real Estate Brokers and qualified Real Estate Teams. It includes all of the features of the the Two Networks above, and at No Additional Cost.

If you are a qualified SC Real Estate Broker or Realtor, you can reserve the same Exclusive City Website Marketing & Prospect Referrals for any available South Carolina City or County.

  • All areas are still available except Charleston County, which I have retained for my company Charleston Homes For Sale Realty.
  • If you are interested in an area in Charleston County other than the East Cooper area, perhaps we can work on a Referral Fee basis.
  • I am happy to pay you a 25% Referral Fee for any Referrals you send me for the Mount Pleasant or East Cooper area.

Thank you for your consideration, and please reserve your Exclusive area below

Jay Rogers, Real Estate Broker & Marketing Consultant

Owner of The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC – [email protected]

Owner of Charleston Homes For Sale Realty Company

QUESTIONS: Contact me Monday-Saturday from 8:00 am until 5:30 pm ET – (843) 849-7587